Enough of the guitar playing already!

9 Oct

Missed Neighbours last week? Well you missed an action packed week full of woolly hats, attempted murder, marriage woes, effeminate cars, and shopping centre intrigue.

Sophie, the increasingly sullen guitar strumming teenager, continued to strum the same tune over and over and over again whilst grinning besottedly at Noah, the guitar strumming wearer of the floppy woolly hat, little knowing that Ark Boy was grinning besottedly at her older sister Kate, the former dancer/trainee teacher/assistant in Harold’s Store. One thing led to another which led to a bit of innocent oh-how-my-heart-skips-a-beat-guitar-lesson-type-finger-touching in the bedroom, yet more besotted grinning, a hastily arranged gig at the Men’s Shed, a new floppy woolly hat, a quick trip to the kitchen to make a cup of tea (I was thirsty), a besotted grinning master/apprentice guitar strumming musical interlude, a penny dropping, older sisterly concern over besotted grinning floppy woolly hatted guitar strumming younger sisters, a quiet word to older floppy woolly hatted guitar strumming boys, shorter and marginally less intimate woolly hat wearing guitar lessons, a puzzled woolly-hatted younger sister, and like, hey, drifting (don’t ask).

The evil, soon to be divorced, boo-hiss-he’s-behind-you, one-legged owner of the Erinsborough News, revealed a rarely seen compassionate side, editing Susan’s bitter article on the horrid uncaring doctors of Erinsborough Hospital (with only two doctors in Erinsborough Hospital people were bound to figure out who she was on about) and encouraging a tad ungrateful Dr K to head to Anglesea to fight for his marriage as he had fought for his (hopefully minus the blackmailing).

The oddly accented son of Paul Robinson has come up with a sure-fire way of making money so that he can get rid of the Clown Mobile and buy a proper car: purchase beat up cars, get Chris Pappas, the only gay in Erinsborough, to use his months of vast car mechanical experience to fix them up, and then sell them on, splitting the profits 50/50. Alas, Chris has packed in his part-time mechanics job and turned down Lucas’s offer of an apprenticeship after the former motor bike racer turned professional photographer turned gambler turned mechanic failed to stand up for gay car rights in front of a bigoted customer (long story).

Jade the personal trainer has been glaring jealously at the flirty goings on between Kyle the handyman and the soccer playing nurse (Kyle’s cunning red-herring-relationship plan to show the world that he and Jade are just house mates who are so not having secret naked adult shenanigans with no strings attached) and even attempted to personal train the aforementioned nurse to death at the gym (nice). Such jealous glarings have been spotted by new house mate, the smarmy I’m-so-damned-sexy-I should-come-with-a-health-warning Dr Rhys Lawson, who has promised Jade he won’t say a word. Given an earlier rather heated and very public conversation at the gym between Jade and the manic mac wearing Sonya about no strings attached naked adult shenanigans with house mates that you secretly lurve, I’m surprised it’s still a secret. It certainly isn’t amongst the Collingwood Magpies (ask RB).

And finally… Most of Ramsay Street now know about the proposed new shopping centre, complete with DIY store, garden centre and hotel, but nobody yet knows that Toadie knows more than they know, with the exception of hop-a-long Robinson who knows that Toadie knows more than he knows, and Toadie’s green fingered beloved, the mac wearing Sonya, who now knows more than hop-a-long Robinson knows but can’t share what she knows with those she knows as Toadie doesn’t want the others to know.

Toadie, concerned that his neighbourly closeness to the business owning residents of Ramsay Street may make things a bit messy (an astute fellow), told the boss of the big shot city solicitors, Peter, he’d rather not continue to oversee the project but thanks for the wonderful opportunity all the same. Alas, this did not lead to understanding smiles and hugs but threats of sackings and mortgage-paying-nursery-woes. Oh the rock. Oh the hard place. Oh it gets worse as Toadie doesn’t yet know what we know – that his nasty boss Peter knows far more about the project than he knows, though exactly what he knows who knows.

Puzzle of the week: Exactly how is a blue Suzuki Ignis gay?


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