Last week on Neighbours…

16 Oct

Image by Squirmelia via Flickr

The Ramsay Street residents now know that Toadie is representing the company behind the proposed shopping centre. Oh the shock. Oh the betrayal. Oh the metaphorical fishy put downs, the cunning mind games of evil one-legged hoteliers and the doubts resulting from aforementioned cunning mind games of evil one-legged hoteliers. Toadie’s smooth talking boss Peter reassured the troubled lawyer that he’d been hired for his extensive talented lawyer-type skills (how many years did Steph get banged up for?) rather than his links to Erinsborough and how they could benefit the shopping centre project, as Limpalot had suggested. Oddly enough such links appear to have worked as the council has given the go-ahead for the project. Alas, this has not gone down well with the minnow-like evil hotelier who has sworn revenge upon the cocky young lawyer. Be afraid Toadie. Be very afraid.

Noah is forming a “Collective” (not borg related unfortunately but a gathering of like-minded, no doubt be-hatted musicians who jam together and like, drift… solid). Alas the “Collective” has no need for another electric guitar strumming floppy woolly hatted youth and desperate to spend more time grinning besottedly at Ark Boy Sophie skipped school, hopped on a bus to the city and swapped her electric guitar for a bass guitar, against the express wishes of her older sister Kate Ramsay, the trainee teacher/assistant in Harold’s. One thing led to another which led to older sisters telling younger sisters off, bathroom cleaning, rebellion, more sisterly bickering, all night nightclubbing, younger sisters telling drunken older sisters off, and drunken older sisters telling younger sullen sisters just where they could shove it (sweet).

Lucas, fed up with being harangued by the oddly accented Andrew Robinson and having struggled to run the garage since Chris Pappas, the only gay in Erinsborough, quit his part-time job, apologised to Chris for not standing up for the rights of gay cars and all is well with the world once more.

Michael the surfer dude head teacher spent much of his time surfing and gazing forlornly at that photo of himself, his wife and a young Tash on Bells Beach in 1995 and very little time head teaching. One thing led to another which led rather predictably to the photo coming into the possession of his daughter Tash, cool-under-pressure answers to questions regarding trips to beaches with mothers who were never supposed to have gone on trips to beaches, a vaguely satisfied mathletic daughter who professes not to be all that interested in long deceased mothers they don’t remember anyway, and interfering do-gooding by a zombie loving Summer who delights in knowing all about her own long deceased piano playing mother yet never visits or phones her poor old father Mad Max. Encouraged by Mal Kennedy’s proud declaration that most of the Ramsay Street residents wouldn’t be where they were today if it hadn’t been for the do-gooding of his mother, Saint Susan, Summer set out to uncover the mystery surrounding Tash’s mum, conning her way onto Susan Kennedy’s computer at The Erinsborough News (security is somewhat lax) and discovering a. Michael married Tash’s mum (shocking), b. Tash’s mum was Serbian, and c. Tash’s mum was a former beauty queen.

And finally… Jade the personal trainer had to find new and ingenious ways of buttering toast when her new house mate, the smarmy “I’m too sexy for my shirt” Dr Rhys Lawson, refused to do his share of the washing up (he had far more important career advancing doctor-type interviews to arrange). Such dish washing disharmony inevitably ended in tears, as dish washing disharmony usually does, when Jade stuffed a topless doctor’s newly pressed pristine shirt into an unwashed blender, wiping the smarmy smile off the bare-torsoed Rhys who, it turned out, wasn’t too sexy for his shirt after all. Ah the irony.

Puzzle of the week: How come Lucas has been struggling to run the garage without Chris? He seemed to manage fine after Steph was banged up for flattening the singing trainee paramedic Ringo, even finding time to “fix up” dodgy stolen cars, take part in the odd illegal motor bike race and teach at Erinsborough High.


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