Smarmy doctors, framed lawyers and naked mechanics… yes it’s another Neighbours recap

19 Feb

Missed Neighbours last week? Then you missed Red Cotton concerts to raise money to re-pay one-legged fathers for funding the removal of embarressing tattoos, guilt-ridden uni celebrations, surprisingly supportive Greek fathers, former stand-in headteacher/intrepid reporter bonding and sullen bass playing teenagers. You also missed…

Cunning career furthering wooing

Determined to claim his rightful place on the surgeon training programme and make his sick, wheelchair-bound mother truly proud, the smarmy Dr Darcy… sorry Dr Lawson… moved on to his next victim, the pretty but supposedly plain Erin. Using only his stunning good looks, winning personality and Facebook, the dastardly Doctor began to woo the shy trainee surgeon over coffees at Charlie’s. Naturally the unsuspecting Erin began to fall for the smarmy Rhys (the poor girl never stood a chance) but a suspicious Kate (the former dancer/former trainee teacher/part time assistant in Harold’s/part time party animal (long story)/former Lawson conquest) has sussed his cunning plan and judging from her look of disgust will attempt to scupper the devious doctor’s despicable scheme.

Starsky and Crutch

Photo of David Soul and Paul Michael Glazer fr...

Lucas Fitzgerald decided to turn detective and attempted to track down the fiend that had bashed his apprentice Chris Pappas (who’s much better now apart from suffering panic attacks of the afraid-to-set-foot-in-Fitzgerald-Motors-zoomy-camera-effect kind). Well one thing led, with a little help from his trusty sidekick Kyle “Crutches” Canning, to another which led to greyhound racing stakeouts, confrontations, police cars, interrogations, shocking claims, a cunning plan, the clearing of a disgraced lawyer’s name, the arrest of the nasty Peter Noonan, and joyful all’s-well-that-ends-well-hugging.

Alas, despite having been proved innocent of all evil wrongdoings, the new partners at the firm of city lawyers decided they didn’t want poor Toadie back and offered him a generous sum of money to stay away and never speak of the murky goings-on which everyone already knew had gone on. But a determined Toadie would have none of this. Why? Because he’d grown to love the big shot city lawyer life, love it, and though he hated to sound immodest, he was damned good at what he did.

Toadfish Rebecchi

So the ever-so-talented/ever-so-deluded Toadie (delete as appropriate) offered the red headed spokeswoman of the firm Charlotte an ultimatum; they either gave him back his job or he’d sue them. What was that? Did she laugh hysterically and engage in “ooh-we’re-really-scared”-type mockings? Err… no. They gave him back his job… no, they really did.

And finally…

Things aren’t looking too promising for Lucas and the rather attractive hairdresser/beautician/part time model for naked arty-type photos, Emilia Jovanovic. What was that? You didn’t know she modelled naked for arty-type photos? Oh she’s been doing it for years apparently. Hmm? No, we didn’t get to see any, though Lucas, Limpalot and Michael did. Lucky sods? Quite. Anyway, unimpressed by Fitzgerald’s rather Victorian reaction to her part time modelling career, Emilia decided to end things but was soon won over by an apologetic and briefly naked mechanic and his large toolbox (don’t ask). However, Emilia’s flashbacks of the surfing-in-the-garden-and-hugging-on-the-beach-with-her-surfer-dude-brother-in-law kind and her decision not to accompany the dismayed Lucas to Sydney to visit Dan (his brother, former rival in love and motorbike racing, and father of the baby of his banged up last true love Steph Scully), don’t suggest happily-ever-after besottedness.


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