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Ramsay Street Recaps

9 Aug

There’ll be updates of what has gone on over the past  few weeks/months (just in case you’ve fallen behind) and occasional recaps of plots from a couple of years ago when the show was on particularly wacky form.

It’s the only soap I’ve stuck with over the years. It can be genuinely funny, unintentionally hilarious, exciting, moving, daft, shout-at-the-tv-infuriating, but usually thoroughly entertaining.

So stay tuned for recaps of the big storylines of recent months and the occasional plot recap from 2006\2007  when we had a former nightclubbing nun,  good and evil twins, guns, porn, alcoholism, manslaughter, lies and deceit, some pretty awful stuff that shouldn’t have been shown before 9pm (the love lives of Lyn Scully and Paul Robinson and Lou and Janelle… not good) and the departure of a pregnant Izzy. Helen Daniels would have been turning in her grave.